Monday, August 9, 2010


(I discovered using large pieces of lettuce as "lids" works well.)
I don't really have an official recipe for these, but they are my husband's favorite meal. He's picky and doesn't like eating the same meal over and over again, but this is one he says he could eat every other day and be happy.

corn tortillas
cooking spray
refried beans
nutritional yeast
mild salsa
taco seasoning
Mexican or cilantro lime rice

• Preheat oven to 425. Spread 6 corn tortillas on a cookie sheet. Lightly spray them with cooking spray and then sprinkle with salt (you can omit the cooking spray and the salt if you’d like). Bake at 425 for 12 minutes, until golden and crispy.
• Mix one can of refried beans with about ¼ c. nutritional yeast, ½ c. mild salsa, and ½ T. taco seasoning. Heat in the microwave, stopping to stir every minute or two.
• Top tostadas with a thin layer of the bean mixture and any other topping you’d like. We usually do the toppings I listed above.


Lucy said...

Holy cow! These are amazing! I think I could eat the cilantro lime rice all day long. We had this 4 times last week...and we're having it tonight. I might do it for my RS thingy. What do you think?

Harris Family said...

This was sooo good. I loved the rice and the tostadas. I feel soo good- with my green smoothie for lunch and soy pancakes for breakfast!!

Im not sure if you check these comments but I wanted to make wonderslim and I wasnt sure how much prune/water - what is the consistency like?


Eliza said...

Hi! To make wonderslim, you put 3 cups of water in a blender, then add prunes until the water hits the 4 cup mark and blend. it's about 1-1.5 c. prunes. It's just like baby food prunes, which you can also use, it just ends up being more expensive. I just make a batch and then store in the 1/4 cup baby food containers in the freezer. So convenient!