Wednesday, April 13, 2011

{ WONDERSLIM (home-made fat replacer) }

There are a lot of posts on Greener Eating that call for wonderslim, or baby food prunes.  Wonderslim is a product that used to be sold at health food stores as a fat and egg replacer.   All that was in it was pureed prunes and water, with a little soy lecithin and citric acid (I'm assuming just to preserve it's color or make it more shelf stable).  We just puree our own prunes now, and it works great!  I always replace at least half of the oil or butter in recipes with it the first time I make something, and if it works well then the next time around I replace all the fat.  Use a 1:1 ratio. 

Here are the amounts I use and it works every time.  I either store the extra in the fridge if I think I'll be using it soon, or I freeze it in 1/4 cup containers (the same ones the baby food prunes come in) and just thaw it out when I'm ready to use it.

prunes (or dried plums, if that sounds better!)

  • Fill blender with water up to the 3 cup mark
  • Add prunes until water reaches the 4 cup mark (this is the easiest way to measure, because  you don't have to worry about how packed down they are in a measuring cup - plus it's less dishes to wash!) 
  • Blend until completely smooth
  *Remember that if the thought of eating prunes makes you feel like an old lady (or man), it's actually what's going to keep you young!  Prunes are very good for you and replacing fat in recipes just makes it doubly good.  Don't be scared!


Rebekah said...

thanks for posting this, lize.

Sherry said...

Thank you for this! Many of the McDougall recipes for baked goods call for Wonderslim Fat Replacer. I had no idea what it was or what was in it, until finding your site. Prunes! So simple, I will make some up today and use it in my pie crust. Thank you all!

HeidiSue said...

I'm glad I found this, because I couldn't remember what to do. BTW, the fat replacer I made with prunes two years ago, and put in the fridge, was still good when I needed it for brownies this past week.

Unknown said...

I have an unopened sealed jar of wonderSlim. Do you suppose it's still good? No clue how old it is.