Thursday, March 19, 2009


2/3 c. lemon juice (if you have a vitamix you can put in 3 whole lemons, peeled)
8 to 10 c. water
1/2 to 3/4 t. stevia (to taste)

Experiment with different amounts of lemon vs. sweetener--everyone likes their lemonade different!

Blend very well--works best in a blender to get the stevia to blend in.
I also make a 'slushy' by replacing some of the water with ice cubes.
Also, for St. Patrick's day, I made a 'limeade' slushy by adding lots of spinach to the original recipe (if you do this, blend the spinach and water first before adding the ice)

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Ellie said...

Laura, you are tricky! I put spinach in a lot of things, but I'm sure I would never have thought of lemonade. How was the taste? I assume it was fine or you wouldn't post the recipe.

Did I tell you we got a new blender attachment for our bosch when we were in utah? It totally stinks. It leaks about 85% of the time and once when Jeff was making a smoothie he got all finished and pulled it off the base and the whole bottom fell out and the smoothie went all over the counter. I think we are getting a vitamix the next time they are at costco. :-)