Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Chips and salsa is one of our favorite snacks, and I was so happy when we discovered we could make the chips ourselves, making it a healthy favorite snack!

corn tortillas (Wal-Mart's Great Value brand have zero fat)

• Preheat oven to 375.

• Cut tortillas into wedges. (about 6 to 7 tortillas will fit on a baking sheet. I stack them up and then cut into 8 wedges)

• Coat baking sheet with cooking spray; place tortilla wedges on sheet in single layer. I alternate my triangles and put them pretty close together (but not overlapping) so I can fit more on. It looks kind of like this:

• Spray tops of tortillas with more cooking spray. This is probably optional, but helps them get more crisp.

• Bake at 375 for 13-15 minutes. (Watch carefully toward the end so they don't burn; baking times really vary depending on how many tortillas are on the pan, how much spray you use, etc. If you are baking 2 pans at a time, it usually takes a little longer.)

The tortillas will shrink a little while cooking, and end up looking like this:

• Remove from oven. Sprinkle with salt (taco seasoning is also good).

• Eat with your favorite salsa and/or guacamole.


Marian said...

I have figured out that it works just as well when you don't use any cooking spray at all, and I have also stopped putting salt on mine, and they still taste great if you're dipping them into a flavorful dip. Yours probably taste a little better, Joanne, but I just wanted to put that out there if people wanted to go one step further in the healthiness.

Amberlie and Anthony said...

Hey Joanne Anthony and I just made this tonight, it was great! Thank you for all the wonderful ideas it is going to help us alot.
Take Care, Love,

KarenB said...

We've made these a couple of times now. Very yummy. Thanks Joanne!

rebecca said...

How long do these last? Can they be stored at room temperature or refrigerated? I can't wait to try this!

Eliza said...


They can be stored at room temperature in a ziploc bag. I've never had any go bad, but of course they are always eaten within a couple days, so I haven't been able to test it out!

R said...

I now spritz mine with water before baking. They crisp up better and faster. I think I got the idea from McDougall.